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Insights basket stretcher

Video: FeuerwehrWilli explains the basket stretcher’s modular design

“Have you seen this stretcher before?” asks FeuerwehrWilli as he takes a look at the Braunschweig fire service’s new fire engine with some interest. He seems to have taken quite a shine to the basket stretcher platform system.

I wouldn’t be FeuerwehrWilli if I wasn’t able to show you some other ways to use this basket stretcher.


You see, the cleverly thought-out modular design means this basket stretcher can be used for rescue operations anywhere: over land, water, at height or underground, on uneven ground, over long distances or even to transport equipment. Which gets a thumbs-up from the experts.

Watch FeuerwehrWilli videos on YouTube now:

About FeuerwehrWilli

FeuerwehrWilli, better known as André Willer, is a familiar face on the firefighting scene. Through social media such as YouTube, he shares almost 25 years of experience and expertise working for the fire service, along with 7 years in public safety, all coupled with a healthy dose of humour. These clear and entertaining videos by the local fire officer are often shown for training purposes, among other things.

One basket stretcher, many solutions

The SmartEm basket stretcher is rescue support equipment with multifunctional applications. This is all thanks to practical optional extras, such as the slide runners, wheels or buoyancy aids. We have put together a listing of possible applications for the basket stretcher here in this blog article: The amazing basket stretcher with its vast range of potential uses.

Would you like more information about our basket stretcher, or perhaps some guidance first, without obligation? Please feel free to contact us at any time.

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