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Say goodbye to endless paperwork – SmartEm Cloud explained in brief

Here we explain how the SmartEm Cloud can make life easier for you. Basically, this makes it possible for details about your SmartEm products which are subject to inspection to be accessible on the internet, making it easier to manage the devices registered.

The smart management and inspection tool

Not sure when your spineboard is next due for maintenance, or what maintenance schedule applies to the basket stretchers? The SmartEm Cloud can help with this – it provides a range of functions to make it easier for you to manage and maintain the equipment you use. You can see the date registered, storage location or details relating to inspections completed or coming up. This saves unnecessary reminders, missed deadlines and noticeably reduces effort.

With the cloud, you are just one click away from the relevant product pages: as well as acquisition date or service life, you can find plenty of other useful information. How about checking through the user instructions one more time? These, too, can be found in the detailed view, as a PDF document.

The exact functionality of the SmartEm Cloud is all set out for you in another magazine article.

How do I connect to the SmartEm Cloud?

There are 3 ways of connecting to the SmartEm Cloud:

What are the benefits of NFC technology?

Near field communication, or NFC for short, enables data to be transmitted wirelessly over short distances of a few centimetres. This means that two NFC-enabled devices, for example the SmartEm basket stretcher and a smartphone, can communicate with each other wirelessly. You simply hold your smartphone or tablet close to the serial number label, and you will automatically be directed to the product page in the SmartEm Cloud.

NFC label

Do inspections yourself

The great advantage of inspection using a smartphone or tablet is that you can carry it out and complete it on the device yourself – and you can do this without having to take notes. Because we all know how time-consuming administrative paperwork can be.

Any authorised user can inspect SmartEm equipment. After scanning and starting the inspection procedure, follow our instructions and carry out the inspection yourself following the specifications on SmartEm. Relevant documentation is stored in the cloud, so you can retrace all the steps at a later date.

Through intelligent product labelling – whether on basket stretchers, spineboards, abseiling spider, shovel stretchers or other rescue equipment, we make it possible for you to manage and inspect your SmartEm products conveniently.

This also makes you legally compliant with the MPBetreibV (Medical Device Operator Regulations), the national law for users and operators of medical devices.

We also explain the principle of the cloud for your SmartEm rescue equipment in this video:

Do you have any questions about the cloud or NFC technology? Please feel free to get in touch.

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