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Instructions SmartEm Cloud

The SmartEm Cloud in four easy steps

To make it easier for you to manage, test and maintain your SmartEm products, we have launched the SmartEm Cloud. This means you can always keep an eye on your rescue equipment. The following article sets out instructions for use, so you can use the various functions in the best possible way, according to your requirements.

If you connect to the cloud from the equipment, you will be taken straight to the correct page.

1. Registration and login

The Cloud login page gives you the option to register or log in. When you activate one of your SmartEm devices for the first time, you create a SmartEm Cloud account by registering. All other equipment is later assigned to this account, and can be viewed in the cloud at any time. The next time you log in, simply use your login details to access the cloud.

2. Getting started with the cloud

The home page shows you a snapshot of all equipment registered. Here you will find a quick view showing all the important information such as commissioning date or next inspection due date. To help keep track if you have a large portfolio of rescue equipment, the cloud also tells you where each item is stored.

You can also set up access rights on the home page. In which case, equipment details can only be viewed after entering a personal code. The standard equipment information is still available to everyone.

For example, if you want to view past inspection results for the Carapace basket stretcher again, open the relevant item card. The cloud documents all inspections, those responsible for inspection and inspection results. You can view and download detailed information about inspections under “Show details”.

3. Details by product

To save you wasting time looking for information about your SmartEm products, the cloud also provides a link to the relevant product pages. You could go straight from the home page to the Carapace basket stretcher product page, in order to take a closer look at the item.

The product page in the cloud has plenty of information about your rescue equipment such as:

4. How to create a new inspection record

The product page gives you the option of creating a new inspection record. The date of inspection, today’s date, is displayed next to the serial number (UID). You also enter the name of the organisation, the inspector and the reason for inspection.

The “Next” button takes you to the next page, where the actual inspection requirements can be found. These always relate to the specific equipment and might therefore vary depending on the item (category). In order to minimise the potential for error, all inspection requirements are listed as multiple choice.

You can leave a note in the comment fields with additional information which you might like to leave for a colleague, for instance. Once the inspection form is complete, the inspection document will be sent as a PDF file to the email address provided and can be downloaded or printed out as a PDF. This means we guarantee maximum transparency, since any user (with an access code) can carry out the inspection, but only registered users see the report.

Benefits of using the SmartEm Cloud in brief:

We explain the principle of the cloud for your SmartEm rescue equipment in this video:

Do you have any further questions about the cloud? Then please feel free to get in touch.

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