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Successful trade fair work in Odense (DK)

Tired but with great satisfaction, I look back on SmartEm’s participation as an exhibitor at the annual meeting of the Danish Emergency Services in Odense, Denmark.

As a small exhibitor with a modest trade fair budget, we stand out clearly from the established top dogs at first glance. We deliberately did not invest in the obligatory grey carpet and our white walls were not overloaded with fancy pictures and text messages. We also did without giveaways or snacks.

Our stand was deliberately simple and consisted of three central elements, arranged from right to left: First, an artificial ramp that illustrated the practical relevance by means of action. Secondly, along the central axis and on the walls we placed our products, the stars of our presentation. And third, on the left side, a large TV screen that served as proof of our activities – a precisely structured customer film with an impressive success story.

The interplay between the 3 focal points through showing, seeing, hearing and touching put our visitors in a lively atmosphere with a lot of practical relevance and space for new ideas.

We had a continuous stream of visitors who were engaged in talking to us about the background and advantages of the SmartEm solution systems. Quite in contrast to our neighbours, where visitors rarely lingered longer, although there were certainly many remarkable things to discover there as well.

Successful trade fair work is tough work that requires a proactive and cordial approach. But the effort is undoubtedly worth it. And we were able to prove that SmartEm’s basket slings are not just basket slings, but exciting solution systems!

Reports Managing Director Nicolaj Wälli

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