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Designed in-house – why manufacturing ourselves is important to us.

Our core products, such as the Carapace basket stretcher, are produced at our manufacturing facility Germany. In this article, we explain why we care a lot about our own manufacturing, and the benefits this delivers to us and our customers.

Always an eye to quality

For equipment used by the fire and rescue or emergency services, quality is the be-all and end-all. In an emergency, you need to be able to rely on them without question. In order to meet our own quality standards and to be able to supply our customers with high quality equipment at all times, manufacturing in Germany is very important to us. We stay involved in various steps in the manufacturing process, such as procurement, testing or integration of additional features, and can make any adjustments at an early stage.

We have made regular and, above all, guaranteed quality checks a priority. We are DIN EN ISO 9001 certified, so consistent quality management is essential for us.

This is also strictly applied for our customers using the SmartEm Cloud.

Space for your improvement suggestions

In addition to many years of experience and expertise in medical technology, we actively strive to get closer to our customers. We learn much from users on a daily basis – whether fire and rescue or emergency services. This means we take a practical approach and experience at first-hand how we can improve design and materials even more. By manufacturing in-house, we are able to implement improvements quickly and in a targeted fashion.

Prototype testing

One thing is certain: our prototypes will certainly not have an easy time of it. Straight out of production, they go through extensive testing in a tough environment. The prototypes are put through their paces, specifically for usability, longevity and durability. Thanks to in-house inspection, we can test products in a realistic and demanding environment so that you are in a good position in the event of an emergency. From spine boards and basket stretchers to rescue backpacks or four-point harnesses – all SmartEm products are tested in Germany.

Our co-workers test finished product operation, including as concerns its certification.

Solutions for customer-specific requirements

In-house manufacture has its advantages, especially when it comes to flexibility. Individual requests and custom orders are not uncommon in our field. This is how SmartEm equipment meets your particular requirements and circumstances, and functions accurately in emergencies. We have enough room for manoeuvre to manufacture complex products for you in reasonable quantities.

For example, long-term partnership with one of our customers has resulted in a chassis and runners for our basket stretcher. The chassis makes rescue operations easier, especially in car and train tunnels.

If you are also seeking the right solution for your equipment needs, Jens Hartmann is just the right person to contact.

Spare parts and repairs in next to no time

Part of our service is the replacement of individual parts and the repair of your rescue equipment. Our flexibility means we can arrange replacements and repairs quickly. For urgent repairs on site, Vahdettin Arkan and Marco Praesang are at your call, with a solution-oriented mindset.


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