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Ambulanz im Einsatz

Rescue equipment sees intense use during emergency operations, often resulting in shorter service life and high levels of wear and tear. Ease of handling to help support the fire brigade or medical services in action is something which is often sadly lacking – there simply isn’t any time for anything which isn’t vital.

Which is precisely where SmartEm comes in: our equipment is designed in such a way that handling is as intuitive and simple for the user as it’s possible to be, and strength and stability have been thoroughly optimised. We derive huge benefits from our close relationship with both end customers and distributors, and are constantly driving new innovation forward. Both business customers and distributors can find all the rescue equipment they need in our online shop.

Here’s what our customers say about SmartEm equipment

“The Phoenix II First Responder has for many years more than proven itself in use as an emergency backpack. Around 500 deployments and absolutely indestructible. This emergency backpack has proven to be the best by far.”

Portrait Mario Schuhmacher
Mario Schumacher Organiser and founding member of First
Responder Gruppe | VG Puderbach, Germany

“Since we have been using the Phoenix Trolley, shoulder and back strain has reduced noticeably. We can no longer do without the wheeled design when carrying heavy weight over any distance. Thanks to the shoulder straps, the backpack ensures the necessary comfort even on rough terrain.”

Portrait Markus Schwinn von der OV Selters
Markus Schwinn SAN unit team leader | OV Selters/Westerwald, Germany

“What amazes me every time is how flexible, versatile and robust the SmartEm basket stretcher is in use.”

Portrait Roman Stutz
Roman Stutz Head of Operations / Fire Service Technical Department
for Schaffhausen | Schaffhausen, Switzerland

Why SmartEm?

Cloud-based equipment management

Intelligent equipment management for your SmartEm products using the free cloud service

Rescue equipment experts

With many years of experience in medical technology and from working with leading users, SmartEm concentrates on equipment designed to meet specific needs.

Ethical manufacture in-house

SmartEm manufactures the basket stretcher at its own production facility in Germany.

The highest quality standards

As a quality-certified company, the quality and reliability of our equipment is our top priority.

Designed in Germany

Design, sourcing, assembly and testing of the core products takes place in Germany.

There specially for you

Our experts are at your disposal to answer any questions.

Robust and durable rescue equipment

Real-life case studies prove it: SmartEm rescue equipment can withstand even the toughest of environments.

Tested and used in the most difficult of conditions

The SmartEm Carapace basket stretcher has always been known for its resilience in fire and rescue operations when rescuing people or transporting equipment. Thanks to the folding, space-saving Carabouy flotation device, the basket stretcher is also suitable for use on water. The emergency services do not have to cope with rigid, bulky flotation devices. So SmartEm delivers a smart, combined solution meaning rescue teams are prepared for any eventuality at the scene, and always have the right equipment with them. In the video, the Rescue Center Denmark shows SmartEm equipment in use under the most difficult conditions.

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Personal advice for any aspect

For business customers

Whether rescue services, industry or emergency organisations – we supply you with the right equipment for your particular needs. Our portfolio ranges from emergency backpacks to basket stretchers and rescue blankets. Thanks to the SmartEm Cloud you can always view your products at a glance and test the equipment yourself.

For distributors

When it comes to rescue equipment, products on the market not only vary in quality, but also vary in terms of user-friendliness. Our experts would be delighted to give advice to help you find the right solutions for your customers.

Portrait Jens Hartmann

Jens Hartmann is responsible for technical and sales strategy advice for distributors and business customers.


Portrait Marco Präsang

Pamela Lambach is on hand to deal with administrative and commercial matters.

Portrait Jens Hartmann

Jens Hartmann is responsible for technical and sales strategy advice for distributors and business customers.

Portrait Marco Präsang

Pamela Lambach is on hand to deal with administrative and commercial matters.


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