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All products >> First Aid >> Filling according to DIN 13155 First Responder

Filling according to DIN 13155 First Responder

Filling in accordance with current DIN 13155 "First aid material - first aid kits.


net, plus shipping costs

 361,79 gross

Delivery time: 7 Workingdays

Available for delivery

Product description

Dressing material filling for our emergency backpacks and first aid kits according to DIN 13155.

Medical material corresponds to the table of contents of the current DIN 13155.

For the backpack types "First Responder" (SE-0400-FR & SE-0401-FR).

Product information

Item number SE-0135-B
Weight 3.83 kg
Dimensions 200 × 70 cm
Shelf life of the sterile products

5 Jahre

Lieferzeit (DE)

5 Workingdays

Lieferzeit (CH)

7 working days

Lieferzeit (EU)

7 Workingdays

Datasheet Sicherheitsdatenblatt

List of contents

Suction and ventilation

1 x Suction unit according to DIN EN ISO 10079-2, portable, vacuum more than -40 kPa
6 x Disposable suction catheter with end orifice, three sizes, individually sterile packed
1 x Resuscitator for adults according to DIN EN ISO 10651-4 with non-rebreathing valve, with connection for oxygen administration
3 x Ventilation mask in three sizes
3 x Supraglottische Atemwegshilfe in zwei Größen
2 x Supraglottic airway device in two sizes


1 x Blood pressure monitor with elastic measuring link, complete with blood pressure cuff for adults DIN EN ISO 81060-1
1 x Diagnostic light
1 x Diagnostic light

Use and consumables

1 x Neck brace size adjustable
2 x Adhesive plasters DIN 13019 - A 500 x 2.5 / coil with external protection
16 x Quick wound dressing DIN 13019-E, packed dust-protected
8 x Fingertip dressing, packed dust-protected
8 x Finger bandage minimum size 120 × 20 mm, packed dust-protected
2 x Dressing pack DIN 13151-K
4 x Dressing pack DIN 13151-M
2 x Dressing pack DIN 13151-G
1 x Dressing cloth DIN 13152-A
1 x Dressing cloth DIN 13152-BR
6 x Compress 100 mm × 100 mm, sterile
2 x Eye compress, individually sterile packed
3 x Fixation bandage DIN 61634-FB 8, individually dust-protected packed
3 x Fixation bandage DIN 61634-FB 6, individually dust-protected packed
1 x Mesh bandage for extremities, stretched at least 4 m
2 x Triangular cloth DIN 13168-D, packed dust-protected
2 x Instant cold compress
1 x Rettungsdecke, staubgeschützt verpackt
1 x Rescue blanket, packed dust-protected
10 x Non-woven cloth
2 x Paar Einweghandschuhe nach DIN EN 455, nahtlos
8 x Pair of disposable gloves according to DIN EN 455, seamless
1 x Hygienic hand cleanser or hand disinfectant
2 x Universal splint material for immobilising fractures (Easy splint)
1 x Cervical spine splint / cervical support for immobilisation for adults size adjustable
5 x Attachment card for injured / sick persons
1 x Splinter tweezers
1 x Erste-Hilfe-Broschüre
1 x First aid brochure
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